Connect your Lightning address

Learn here how to connect your wallet with your project on Geyser, using the lightning address.

Every project creator needs a Lightning wallet to receive funds in their Geyser project. If you don’t have a Lightning wallet yet, you can find instructions here on how to set one up.

Get your Lightning address

  1. Make sure you've downloaded a Lightning wallet that supports lightning addresses. Here's a list of providers you might want to choose from.

  2. Open your Lightning wallet and click Receive. This should give you the option to copy your Lightning address which will resemble an email address like

  3. You can now paste your Lightning address into the Connect Wallet step when creating a project on Geyser. All funds donated to that project will be sent directly to your wallet.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Click the Edit Project button on the left side menu

  2. Click on the Connect Wallet tab

  3. Paste your lightning address under the Lightning Address section

Congratulations, your project can now receive funds from any country in the world!

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