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Learn how to become a Geyser Grants sponsor and what's in it for you.

One of the channels Geyser uses to fund its grants is sponsorship. Companies can donate a portion of their marketing budget to a grant and in return be featured on the grants' page, and gaining exposure by partnering with Geyser.

It is not necessary for a sponsoring company to be Bitcoin-only, but that's sufficient to be accepted as a suitable partner. As for non-Bitcoin companies, we reserve the right to decide on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances and the company itself, whether this partnership is a good fit.

Sponsorship packages & benefits

FeatureValue (round 4 data)SponsorLead Sponsor

Logo in Grants' landing page

+20K page views

✅ (small)

✅ (large)

Logo in Grant page

+4K page views

✅ (small)

✅ (large)

Recognition in Grant's Twitter thread

+200k impressions

Joining in Grant's Twitter Spaces as speaker

+400 listeners Grant spaces

Recognition in Newsletter

+700 emails newsletter

Exclusive Geyser Podcast

500 listeners/ep

Contact us

If you are interested in sponsoring a Geyser Grant, please let us know at:

  • hello at geyser dot fund

  • or on Telegram, directly to our CEO Michele Morucci at @metamick14

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