How on-chain contributions work

Learn how to get your money back in the rare case an on-chain payment fails

Geyser allows for both Lightning and on-chain payments, giving contributors maximum flexibility. However, to make life as easy as possible for creators, all funds are redirected to their Lightning wallet.

To keep Geyser KYC-free, on-chain donations are swapped to Lightning using a non-custodial third party called Boltz Exchange. Geyser never has control over any funds.

How to contribute with onchain

  1. Go to a project page

  2. Click Contribute on the right hand side of the page

  3. Select the amount you wish to send

  4. Write a comment (it will be displayed publicly)

  5. Select the Onchain Tab

  6. Download the Refund File. This crucial step ensures you will be able to get a refund in the rare case the payment will fail

  7. Scan the QR code or click Copy address to proceed with the payment in your wallet of choice

  8. You can choose to enter your email to be notified about the status of your payment

Critical payment & refund Instructions

  • Send the exact payment amount in Satoshis to ensure successful processing and avoid payment being rejected

  • Set the transaction fee to medium or high or manually adjust the fee rate in satoshis per vbyte (sat/vB) to ensure your swap processes within 24 hours

  • Download and securely store your Refund File; if in doubt, re-download to ensure its safety

Fees for on-chain donations

The fees for donating on-chain on Geyser are of three types:

  • Geyser fee, which is:

    • 4% for projects using lightning address

    • a custom % for projects running their own lightning node

  • Boltz fee, which is 0.1%

  • On-chain fee, which depend on current mempool congestion

In the rare case of a failed payment, you will be paying only for two on-chain transactions, one for the payment and one for the refund

How to claim a Refund

In the rare case a payment will fail, you will have to:

  1. Go to the Refund page

  2. Upload the Refund File you previously downloaded (this step will happen automatically if the file is present in the browser's local storage)

  3. Enter the Bitcoin address you'd like to get refunded to

  4. Click Initiate refund

If you didn't secure your refund file and the transaction failed, please contact us.

Because Geyser has no control over the funds you send at any time, if you didn't secure your refund file, you will not be able to receive a refund from Geyser.

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