Curate your Geyser Profile

So you have a Geyser profile. Welcome! What's next? Below are some of the features you can now experience on Geyser

Edit our profile

Click Edit on the left hand side to write the bio, provide your public lightning address, and modify your profile image (the default image is the one from the social account you used to log in).

Connect more accounts

Under your profile summary you can see all of your connected social accounts. Click + Connect more accounts to boost your social proof or click here for more details on connecting multiple accounts.

View your Geyser activity

On the top right of your Geyser profile page you can see your all-time contribution summary. That is, how much money you've funded on Geyser and how many projects you've supported.

Once you become an active Geyser contributor, you'll also be able to see how your rank compared to other non-anonymous funders.

Manage your Geyser project(s)

To keep all your information easy to manage from just one place, if you have a Geyser project, be it live or saved privately in draft mode, you'll find a portal to it at the center of your profile page.

Earn and showcase badges

Project creators and funders can earn Nostr badges on Geyser for launching a successful project, contributing to them, and being an active community member.

You can see all badges and their categories here.

Follow projects

Now that you're logged in to Geyser, you can follow projects you like to keep track of their activity. Simply click on the project's + sign to start following it. That'll make it easier to find them on your Activity tab each time you open the landing page or your profile.

Discover projects to follow by using tags to search by category or topic, or by filtering through their location. You can find both these search options on the left hand side of the Geyser landing page.

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