Edit your project info

Edit the description, title, Story, identifier and status of your project

To edit your project information, you need to Log in and go to your project page. Then, click the Edit project button in the left navigation menu.

Project Description

In Description tab you can edit title, project identifier, description, and images.

In Links & tags tab you can edit links, tags, and region.


In the Story tab you can edit your project Story. Click here for a dedicated guide.


In the Status tab you can Activate or Deactivate your project.

If you deactivate your project, others will not be able to fund it, but it will still be visible. You can reactivate your project at any time.


In the Reward tab you can change the denomination of your rewards from USD($) to BTC(sats) and vice versa.

When you change the denomination in the Reward tab, the price of all your rewards will be converted according to the current exchange rate

Connect wallet

In the Connect wallet tab you can change your lightning address or lightning node.

For security reasons, you must first verify your email. Only after you have done it, you can edit the wallet of your project

Nostr settings

In the Nostr settings tab you can to copy your project's npub (public key) or export your project's nsec (private key).

If you leak your nsec (private key) the project risks being compromised, and there is nothing Geyser can do to prevent it. Anyone holding the nsec can post on the project's behalf.

Project settings

In the Project settings tab you can view the project creator's email, and you can delete the project.

The project email is the same as the project creator's email. To edit it, follow the same instruction for verifying your email

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