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Learn how to create your project in a few simple steps.

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The first step to creating a new project on Geyser is to log in to Geyser with your choice of log in method. See instructions here if you're not sure how to do that.

Next, you'll be prompted with a form where you're expected to outline a few details about your project idea. Don't worry, you can edit these later, but if you're ready to launch your project, you'll most likely have the following answers front of mind at this stage.


Describe your project in a few words so potential funders will have a clear idea of what you are making or want to achieve.

Project Identifier preview

This will be the identifier of your project, used for your lightning address, for the project link and for Nostr.

We recommend selecting something that resembles your project title so funders can see at a glance that this address belongs to your project.

  • All funds sent to your lightning address will show in your project activity and will be automatically deposited in your own wallet. Geyser does not custody any funds

  • All social activity is associated with your Nostr NIP05 (which is the same as the lightning address)

  • The link that directs to your project page is followed by the project identifier


This is the place for your idea's elevator pitch, an effective one-liner that describes what your project is about and intrigues readers to find out more. In simple terms, try answering the questions: what are you raising funds for and why? What problem are you trying to solve?


Visuals will help Geyser visitors to spot your project amongst many others, so at this stage you can select a main project image to be displayed in all of your project's thumbnails across the Geyser platform. For best fit, pick a square image no heavier than 10MB.

This is the header image sitting on top of your Geyser project page. It should create an atmosphere; how do you want people to feel when they visit your project page? This is your chance to customize it and make it unique.

You can also select a YouTube video by providing an url link, or upload a static image from your computer or phone. An horizontal 1:3 image will best fit this space, and should be no heavier than 10MB.


Lastly, you'll need to provide your email address so you can receive project notifications, which you can later edit in Project settings. This email address will also come in handy later, if you plan on selling products or sending rewards to funders, so your community can reach out to you with private information such as their shipping details.

You're now ready to click Continue on the bottom of the page.

Here you can add links (e.g. to your website) so viewers can see more proof of your work.

Instead of adding links to your socials here, consider if possible associating those accounts with your Geyser profile. This way, users can verify that it's really you.

Click here to learn how to do it


You can get discovered more easily by users through tags. You can select up to 3 project tags.


You can get discovered more easily by users by putting your project on the map. Select one or more countries.

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