Fund a Project

If you are logged in, your donations will show your profile and associated social accounts. Alternatively, you can also donate anonymously.

The donations associated with your social media accounts are very useful for other users to discover valuable projects

There are four funding methods explained below, but note that all funding activity, no matter how you choose to contribute to a project, will always be shown on the Geyser project's page (on right hand side of the screen).

Funding methods:

Contributing on Geyser
  1. Go to the project page

  2. Click Contribute on the right hand side of the page

  3. Select the amount you wish to send

  4. Write a comment (it will be displayed publicly)

  5. Choose the payment method you prefer:

    1. You can pay with a browser wallet extension (e.g. Alby) if you have one

    2. You can pay with Lightning by scanning the QR code, or clicking on Copy lightning invoice to proceed with the payment in your wallet of choice

    3. You can pay on-chain by following the instruction in this dedicated page

Donating to a project's Lightning address
  1. Go to the project page

  2. Click the Lightning address in purple font ending in (Under the project's title)

  3. Paste the copied address to your wallet of choice

Donating to a project's QR code
  1. Go to the project page

  2. Click on the QR code icon (Under the project's title)

  3. Scan the QR code with your wallet of choice

  4. Select the amount you'd like to donate and complete the transaction

Zap projects on Nostr

Every Geyser project is a Nostr profile, whose identifier (NIP-05) is the email-like name displayed in purple font, ending in

This means funders can Zap any project from their Nostr client of choice, contributing without having to visit the Geyser website. The resulting payments will be displayed on the project page just as all the other funding methods listed above.

Geyser is not a store, but a way to bring creative projects to life.

Your donation will support a creative project that has yet to be developed. There’s a risk that, despite a creator’s best efforts, your reward will not be fulfilled, and we urge you to consider this risk prior to backing it. Geyser is not responsible for project claims or reward fulfillment. For more information read our Terms and Conditions.

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