Add Project Affiliates

Learn how to add Project Affiliates

Creating affiliates is easy, you only need the email and lightning address of the affiliate to start incentivizing them to share your project.

Why add Affiliates?

Affiliates aligns incentives between creators, who want to increase funding for their projects, and sharers, who can increase the reach of projects.

Through the automated affiliate payouts, sharers can feel incentivized to use their network to extend the reach of projects and monetize from it.

Affiliates will power up project sharing by aligning incentives of creators and sharers


  • Set the affiliate fee (%): creators can set the % affiliate fee that goes to the affiliates

  • Set affiliate ID link: the creator can define the link Id "?refid=mark"

  • Automatic payout: as soon as a referred contribution goes through, the affiliate fee is applied and the affiliate will receive their payout.

  • Email (coming soon): the affiiliate will receive an email for every affiliate payout.

Create Affiliate

Creating an affiliate link is easy:

  1. Go to your Project and click Edit Project, then click Affiliates

  2. Then click Add Affiliate, after which you can add the following information: Affiliate name, Affiliate ID which will show in the URL, Affiliate fee (%) to be taken from your contributions and sales, Lightning address of the affiliate, and the Affiliate email.

  3. Once the affiliate has been created, you can share the Referral link with your affiliate, so they can start sharing

  4. You can visualize how many sales the affiliate has made

  5. You can Disable an affiliate link, which will make the link ineffective.

You cannot alter your affiliate information once you have saved it, you can only create a new Affiliate link

Become affiliate

To become an affiliate for a project, the best way is to reach out to the project creator and showcase your interest. If you cannot reach the creator feel free to reach out to the Geyser team by email at (hello* at* geyser dot fund) so we can put you in touch.

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