Edit your wallet

Edit your lightning address to receive your project funds on another wallet

For security reasons, in order to edit the project wallet, you must first verify your email

Edit your project's wallet

  1. Log in and go to your project page

  2. Click the Edit project button in the left navigation menu

  3. Click the Connect wallet tab, type the new lightning address, then click Save

  4. Click Receive One Time Password and check your email

  5. Copy the One Time Password you received in the email from hello@geyser.fund

  6. and paste it in the OTP field, then click Confirm

That's it! All your payments form now on will be routed towards your updated lightning wallet.


If you are experiencing issues with your Lightning wallet, you can usually solve them by following these instructions.

Lightning address

For projects using Lightning addresses, the most common problem is the wallet limit. Most Lightning wallets have limits on how much you can receive and how much you can store.

If that's the case, you can either reset the limit (if possible, e.g. by emptying the wallet), or edit your wallet. Here's a list of providers you might want to choose from.

Lightning node

For projects running their own Lightning node, the most common issue is inbound liquidity.

To learn more about liquidity and how to resolve your issue, we recommend this great resource

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