Subscribe to a Project (BETA)

Subscriptions are in beta and have limited functionality:

How it works

This feature utilizes Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC), a new protocol not yet widely supported. This is why you can only subscribe to a project using a wallet that supports NWC, for example Alby, Mutiny Wallet, or Umbrel.

Subscribe to a project

By subscribing to a project, you support it with ongoing monthly donations in the amount you choose. You can cancel your subscriptions at any time by logging into your Flash account here.

You can drop your feedback here, and enable subscriptions for your project here


  1. Create an account with Flash here

  2. Go to the project and click Subscribe

  3. Log in with your Flash account

  4. Select the Subscription plan you prefer

  5. Connect a wallet if you don't already have one

  6. Confirm and pay

Interested in Subscriptions?

Fill out this form to add your project of choice to the Subscription activation list.

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