Write Entries

Geyser Entries enable project creators to keep their communities up-to-date through text, images, and videos.

Regularly updating your followers on your project's progress and milestones demonstrates commitment. This is one of the most important tools for maintaining good donor relationships.

Use Geyser Entries to share your appreciation for funds received, field notes about what you're working on, and real-time updates from the frontline to let funders know how they're helping to make a difference.

How to Add an Entry

  1. Log in and go to your project page

  2. Click the Add button in the left navigation menu, then click Write an entry

  3. You can start writing right away, adding titles, tables, pictures and videos. The format follows the Rich Text Editor

  4. You can also select a header image

  5. When you are done, click Preview in the top right corner, then Publish

Keep in mind that the header image will be shown in the preview as a square, thus an aspect ratio of 1 to 1

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